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A Doorway To Future
Co-working spaces like ours are built to encourage and support work habits conducive to individual and group success. If you're an entrepreneur, startup founder, freelancer, or remote worker who needs a professional workplace but wants to escape the confinement and high prices of a typical office, check out our available options. Our shared office area is designed to help you focus and get work done. ​ Our services are flexible enough to adapt to your specific company requirements, and we always go the extra mile to ensure you have what you need to succeed. So come work with us to advance your company.

Coworking Space Facilities

The Galleria is a 24-hour coworking space that offers a convenient and productive environment for professionals and entrepreneurs. The super-fast internet and power backup amenities ensure members have uninterrupted and efficient access to their work, providing a reliable and consistent work environment. Finally, the unlimited tea and coffee offerings create a comfortable and energized work environment, keeping members alert and focused throughout their workday. Also, The Galleria offers both a hot desk and a fixed desk.

Hot Desk

The hot desk is a flexible workspace available on a first-come, first-served basis. You can work at any available desk in the Galleria's coworking space. The significance of hot desks is that they offer maximum flexibility and affordability to the users. It is perfect for freelancers or people who do not need a dedicated workspace and can work from anywhere.